Human Resource


Vice Principal of Educational Affairs Engineer, Ehab Gamal
Vice Principal of Administration Affairs Ms. Nossaiba Assy

          Heads of Departments      

Head of Reg.& Student Guidance Department   Mr. Belal Atef
Head of English Dept. Dr. Muhammad Ragab, PhD
Head of Mathematics Dept. Dr. Waleed Raslan, PhD
Head of Science Dept. Mr. Hossam Attiya
Head of Accounting and Business Education Dept. Ms. Noha Hosney
Head of Social Studies Dept. Mr. Mohamed A.Elnasser
Head of Information Technology&Computer Science Dept. Engineer, Ehab Gamal
Head of French Dept. Ms. Huda Abdelazeem
Head of Physical Education Dept. Mr. Ahmad Hussein
Head of Arabic and Religious Studies Ms. Amany Saleh